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Gloria Hilliard
Christine DeKlotz


Board Meeting Minutes    January 15, 2018

Location:           Gloria Hillard Residence;  29036 Tackaberry Ct. Agoura Hills

In Attendance: Carol Fredericks, Katy Herbst de Cortina,  Bonnie Hicks,  Gloria Hilliard,        Arlene Kovalivker, Bryan Rickard, John Thompson, Barbara Wilsey

Absent:              Ruth Bloom

Call to Order:   7:36 PM

Note:                  Names in minutes bolded to indicate action item


             I.            Approval of November Minutes

Barbara Moved, Bryan Seconded approval with these changes:  1) The minutes referred to the most recent Treasurer’s report rather than the report discussed at the meeting.   2)  The minutes indicated that the Music Committee has almost completed next year’s programs.    The Music Committee had nearly completed 2018 programs (through the 2018 Holiday program); had not started on Spring 2019 yet.    


          II.            Treasurer’s Report (Bryan Rickard) 

A.    Bryan went over highlight of the November Treasurer’s report; net income was $4,000 favorable to budget.

·         Items B – I, below, pertain to the - December Treasurer’s report, which was approved (Carol moved; Barbara seconded)

B.     The month-end current asset balance was $15,939.95, an increase of $273.64 over the month.  It consisted of $7,412.87 in the checking account, and $8,527.08 in the savings account.  This time last year the current asset balance was $10,093.41. 

C.     This month we were credited with $2,688 for Box Office and Ticketmaster sales of a further 128 tickets for our Fall concerts.  The City charged us $3,311 for consignment ticket fees on the 604 tickets we had sold.  Thus our total net ticket revenue for these concerts was $14,477, for 732 tickets.   A sell-out would be 788 tickets. 

D.    The final bill for these concerts included a credit of $2,000 for a grant from the Alliance for the Arts (now known as TOARTS).  The bill also included an $820.50 credit because the actual charges for stagehands and other services were less than the costs shown in their estimated rental and services bill which we had paid in November. 

E.     This month we received $350 from Pierce Bros. for singing at their Service of Remembrance, and $50 from Sharky’s Ventura for singing at the Janss Mall.

F.      This month, we received $790 in donations mailed in the envelopes we enclosed in the concert programs.

G.    As the attached budget spreadsheet shows, our net income is currently over $5,000 favorable to budget.   Note that the budget shows the consignment ticket fee as an expense, while the income/expense tables more logically show it as a reduction in income.

H.    Full January report details were provided in spreadsheets Bryan emailed to Board members Jan. 1

I.       December report discussion  at the meeting:

1.      In January, we received a donation of $2,000 from the Askegards.

2.      Last fall, the President (Russ Stone) indicated he was being billed for Constant Contact.   The Treasurer has received no bills to-date; they should be $50/month.

3.      Bryan has applied for the Westlake Village grant ($350).

4.      There should also be $150 coming in from Chorale caroling at Janss Marketplace this past December.   Bonnie will follow up.

5.      There was a $481 expense for music in Sept—why was this, if music is purchased in July?  Ans:  50% was billed in July; remainder billed in Sept.

6.      Musician’s expense budgeted for the year is $1,100; $800 spent YTD; what about Spring concert?  Ans:  Budget was based on last year; may need to go over budget for Spring concert.

7.      Storage Facility expense is only $50 YTD—why, since $3,215 budgeted for year?  Ans:  We are billed annually.

8.      Will we be able to increase giving to scholarships/schools?  Ans:  Yes, to be decided at February Board meeting.


       III.            Board member’s Reports

A.    President (Bonnie Hicks)

1.      Review of Concert.    Audience feedback was very good on Saturday performance; Friday performance impacted by the 1st half health incident.  Chorale will be instructed before future concerts to leave the stage at any point if they become ill.

2.      Elections are targeted for May 1;  Nominating Committee should start beginning of April.

3.      Start ticket sales for Spring concert April 3.

4.      There was a suggestion that we do something special to recognize Larry Jordan (our concert narrator).   Board supported this idea.

B.     Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

1.      The Spring program production schedule has been completed.

2.      The Spring concert poster is done—will be ready for distribution Feb 1.

C.     Concert Master (John Thompson)

1.      John asked if we should try to reserve the Scherr Theater for the 2nd weekend in Dec (vs 1st weekend) for next Holiday concert.   Consensus was to stay with 1st weekend of Dec. since ticket sales were not impacted even though there were several other concerts in the area that weekend.

D.    Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

1.      Recordings for Bass and Tenor are ready for the first rehearsal (Jan 16).

2.      3 pieces are short a few copies;  need to get approval to make extra copies for “That’s Entertainment”, since it is out of print.

E.     Publicity (Barbara Wilsey)

1.      An ad for musicians was in the Camarillo Acorn for the Channel Island Chamber Orchestra;  Barbara will check on the cost of us doing this.

2.      Barbara went to an Opera in Ventura and shared the e-mail “Thank You” she received.   Suggestion was that we do this for our concert attendees; but would need to get their e-mail addresses.

3.      Bonnie suggested we have a way for people to donate on our website; will follow up with Russ Stone.

F.      Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

1.      Arlene asked Fusion (restaurant by DMV) if they would do a fundraiser for a day.   The owner suggested they do it for a week (20% to go to the Chorale).

2.      Arlene will ask Stella and Dot jewelry back in April before Mother’s day

3.      Bonnie suggested selling clothing articles (or water bottle, etc.) with a Village Voices logo as a fundraiser.   Arlene will look into this.    Fran did this before.

4.      There was a discussion about school choirs we support.    Gloria suggested we ask specific schools rather than broadcasting to many schools.   Consensus is that we ask schools to sing and give them a grant if they do.    In the past we have donated to elementary, middle and high schools.     Board should think about this for February meeting discussion/decision.

G.    Membership (Carol Fredericks)

1.      6 people signed up for auditions resulting in one new member (Tenor).   Need basses (only 8 on the list now)

2.      60 singers for Spring


       IV.            New Business

A.    Chorale will only do snacks the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in order to accommodate church use of the area used for snacks.


Call for Adjournment:      9:00 PM (Arlene moved; Barbara seconded)

Meeting Minutes:               John Thompson (Temporary Secretary, for this meeting)


Next Meeting:   Monday, Feb. 12  -  John Thompson’s Residence  -  12313 Alderglen St.  Moorpark

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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