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Board of Directors
Gloria Hilliard
Christine DeKlotz

          Board Meeting Minutes    Monday, Sept.11, 2017

Ruth Bloom

5876 Spirit Lake Ct, SV


In Attendance:Bonnie Hicks, John Thompson, Carol Fredericks, Gloria Hilliard, Barbara Wilsey, Bryan Rickard, Katy Herbst de  Cortina, Ruth Bloom, Arlene Kovalivker,  Absent: None

Board Meeting: Called to order          7:30PM

I.                  Approval of July, 2017 Minutes
Minutes were approved as amended, Bryan moved to accept

                  #1. Would not pay for accompanist at Senior Concerns

                  #2. Publicity reported Arts Council of the Conejo membership fee is $50 for the year, and

                        The membership has been renewed.

II.            Treasurer's Report
A.  Summary:
To the Village Voices Board Members:

Here is the Sept. Treasurer's Report.
1.        The month-end current asset balance was $5,345.63, an increase of $1,736.02 over the month.  It consisted of $4,218.95 in the checking account, and $1,126.68 in the savings account.  This time last year the current asset balance was $5,708.46.
2.        This month, we received notice of a grant award of $3,500 from the City of Thousand Oaks Community Events Endowment Fund (CEEF).  We have received grants from the CEEF for many years, but they are usually in the $1,000 to $2,000 range.  We have provided them with some additional information they had requested, such as the names of all our board members, and the names of the five donors who made the largest donations in the last fiscal year.
3.        Our major income this month was $2,805 in membership dues, from 51 members.
4.        Our minimum balance for the year, which usually occurs in August before the fall dues are received, was $2,545.  We would prefer to have this above $5,000, so as the year progresses we should continue to review the budget.
5.        Our by-laws require a non-board member annually to examine our bank statements and verify the balances are correctly shown on our balance sheet.  As she has kindly done in previous years, Fran Vigne verified these documents this month, and signed the necessary approval document, which I will show at the next Board Meeting.
6.         Full details are shown in the attachments.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Discussion of the report

1.     Budget remains the same as reported in July

2.     Concern about the drop in membership was discussed as ticket sales correlate to membership

3.     Discussed possibility of corporate support

4.     TOARTS donating $2800 for 51 VV members on current rooster.  Carol reports there still prospective members.

5.     Carol moved to accept the report as presented.


III.            .Board Members' Reports:

      A.  President (Bonnie Hicks)

            1. Bonnie spoke with Marsha Lovatt about ticket sales.  Sales will begin Oct. 3rd

B.  Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

      1. The posters have been submitted to “U-Prints”

      2.  Katy submitted a non-profit form, which will give us 10% off the purchase.

      3.  Production schedule was presented.

C.  Concert Master (John Thompson)

1. Nothing to report.


D.  Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

      1.  New wardrobe chair is Simone 

      2. The storage unit needs cleaning.  Arlene and Barbara will assist.

      3.  Need to check shoebags for 25 pounds each, we need such bags.     

E.  Publicity (Barbara Wilsey)

      1.  Nothing to report.

F.  Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

      1.  We need 50 bags of shoes of 25 pounds each to earn the $1500.

      2.  Gloria, Arlene and Barbara will be working on this project.

      3.  Arlene suggested a party some time after the concert at BJ’s, with a portion of the monies spent

            returning to Ways and Means.

      4.  There will be a CPK fundraiser some time in the future.

G.  Membership (Carol Fredericks)

      1.  The current membership reflects 61 members

      2.  Carol named several chairs: Katy, dedicate a song and ads : Arlene, Elementary schools and Vita


F.  Secretarytary (Ruth Bloom).

1.  Nothing to report.

IV.            Old Business
      1.  Subscription sales will end Sept. 30th.

      2.  Purple jacket fabric is no longer available.  We will try to borrow jackets from former members.

      3.  Ad and dedicate a song sales are Sept. 26th through Oct. 17th.  The final program due Nov.1

      4.  Constant Contact will be sent Oct. 3rd .

      5.  Discussed that Music Committee members shouldn’t serve 2 consecutive terms.  This would

           require a change in the By-Laws.  John will draft the wording.

V.            New Business

1.      We discussed the difficulty in finding elementary school choirs the perform at a Spring Concert.

a.       Have a choir sing at Xmas

b.      Offer a middle school the opportunity.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM

Next Meeting:  

Oct 9th  - Bryan


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Published 03-Apr-2018

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