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Board of Directors
Gloria Hilliard
Christine DeKlotz


Monday May 8, 2017


Katy Herbst de Cortina

2414 Ranchgrove Dr.

(805) 405-5432


In Attendance: Gloria Hilliard, Russ Stone, Katy Herbst de Cortina, Judy Burke, Arlene Kovalivker, Carol Fredericks, Bryan Rickard, Bonnie Hicks Absent:  Jerry Shaw


7:30pm            Board meeting starts

    I.               Approval of April 2017 Minutes
Arlene moved to accept the minutes. 2nd. Approved.

II. Treasurer's Report
    A.   Summary:
    1. The month-end current asset balance was $15,652.36, an increase of $574.79 over the month.  It         

    consisted of $8,926.06 in the checking account, and $6,726.30 in the savings account.  This time last year

     the current asset balance was $13,623.81.
2.  This month, we distributed $700 each to our three vocal scholars, and a total of $1,500 to 12 elementary

     school music programs, including $350 to Round Meadow School, who will be singing in our concert on

     Friday June 2.

3.  This month, our major income was from concert ticket sales, totaling $4,780.  We also received $750 for  

      advertisements and dedicate-a-song entries in our program.
4. The monthly actuals-to-budget update is attached.  This month's figures are in columns W through Z.   

     Year-to-date, our actuals are just $163 favorable to budget (cell Z108).  However, several of the line  

     items are significantly different from their budgeted numbers, e.g. ticket sales for the Spring concerts are

     $1,755 favorable to budget (cell Z10), but the budget shows a further $4,475 to be sold in May (cell

    AA10), which seems unlikely now.  Just like last month, the favorable and unfavorable actual-vs-budget

    numbers mostly cancel each other out.
5.  A draft budget for next fiscal year will be discussed at the next Board Meeting.

Carol moved to accept the treasurer’s report. 2nd. Approved.


III.  Board Members' Reports:       please incorporate the production schedule into your report

A.     President (Russ Stone)

  1.  Election Results- We had our elections at our last rehearsal.  The results are: President-Bonnie Hicks, Secretary- Ruth Bloom, Concert Master-John Thompson, Publicity- Jana Roberts, Music Committee- Linda Archie

   2.  Property Liability- Russ looked into insurance that would cover our music and other things in the

        storage unit.  The quote is $265/year.  Russ is going to send the insurance information to everyone,

        and we can make our decision at the next meeting in June. 

B.     Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

      1.  Programs are to the printers. They will be delivered by next Friday, the 19th.  We will be stuffing

           the programs on May 23 before rehearsal.  She needs to put an order in for the donation cards, but

           those don’t take as long as the programs.

      2.  There are still a lot of posters and postcards, so maybe next semester we can

      3.  She is submitting to be a nonprofit on Youcares so we can get a discount on printing.

C.     Concert Master (Judy Berke)

      1.  Judy emailed Michael, the new person in charge of the CAP.  Gloria, Russ and Judy are meeting

           with Michael on Monday, May 15 with   him to discuss the concert

      2.  We need to make sure that we know how many parking passes we need before the meeting.

      3. Fran and Joann are doing the flowers for the concert.

      4.  We need to get a shell crew- we need 3 people to get the shell

      5.  Risers- we need to get someone to get the risers before the concert. Judy will make the

           announcement at the next rehearsal.

D.    Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

       1. Gloria wants us to be able to go through the whole concert each time we practice.

        2. The Music committee has the programs for next year almost done.

       3.  Gloria still needs to get the parts ready for the instrumentalists.

E.     Publicity (Jerry Shaw)

     All publicity has been sent out.  TOPAC seems to be more accommodating than usual since I see that

     our concert has already been listed in their April-July event calendar and we are up on their electronic

     posters.  I will ask Walt (and Doug) to send out one more notification to their respective Constant    

     Contact lists.

F.      Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

       1.  We have 15 bags of shoes.  Arlene would like to continue it next year, but there isn’t enough

            space.  She will make an announcement that the last time to bring them is the last Tuesday in


       2.  There hasn’t been another restaurant fundraiser yet, but she might plan something for the


       3.   Arlene is checking with some restaurants that would be able to host us for a dinner at the

             beginning of the 2017/18 year.

       4. Ralphs does a community card that gives organizations a percentage of what you buy.  Bryan

           suggests that we mention it next year to our members.

G.    Membership (Carol Fredericks)

      1.  We had a singer (bass) come a couple weeks ago to the rehearsal.   He is looking forward to

            joining the choir next semester.  We have another person coming in a couple weeks to visit our rehearsal.

H.    Secretary (Bonnie Hicks) - Nothing new to report.


V.  New Business

1.      Preliminary review of the 2017-18 budget - The government expects we will increase our expenses by 2.3%, which is just a starting point.  Bryan suggests we should increase our reserves, because our lowest income coming in is August and we need to pay a deposit for the rental of the theater at that time.  We will have a better idea of the budget by next meeting.

2.      Subscription ticket sales - We need to promote them better.  The CAP will contact the current subscribers.

3.      Videotaping of the concert (Carol) - Simone’s father in-law is going to record our concert.  The CAP has given us 4 seats.  We will ask him what night he would like to record.  We also need to get the price of creating the DVDs.

4.      Next meeting will be dinner and reception of new board members

5.      Presentation of compensation table for review. Discussion and voting to be done at the June Board meeting.

6.      Next Door advertising - Bryan is going to take a look at it a little bit more and talk to Jerry


Next Meeting:           June 12, 2017             hostedby Russ Stone


Start time:      6:00PM

Dinner:           6:30PM

Meeting:         7:30PM

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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