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Gloria Hilliard
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Monday March 13, 2017

Arlene Kovalivker   Sotheby’s International Realty        971 Westlake Blvd.   (805) 446-1827

In Attendance: Katy Herbst de Cortina, Bonnie Hicks, Russ Stone, Bryan Rickard, Gloria Hilliard, Arlene Kovalivker, Carol Fredericks Not in Attendance: Jerry Shaw

7:30pm            Board meeting starts


  1. Approval of January 2017 Minutes
    Bryan moves to accept corrected minutes. 2nd. Approved.
  2. Treasurer's Report
    1. The month-end current asset balance was $11,124.98, a decrease of $1,682.97 over the month.  It

           consisted of $4,599.01 in the checking account, and $6,525.97 in the savings account.  This time last                 year the current asset balance was $9,762.30.
      2. This month, we received another $135 in membership dues.  We have 62 paid members.  Last year        we had 64.
      3. Ladera school has still not cashed their $150 check we sent them last April 2016.  We have given up                on trying to have them cash it.
      4. This month I submitted our application for the City of Thousand Oaks Community Events                       Endowment Fund grant.  As usual, I requested $4,000.  They usually give us $1,000.  Last year they                advised that we would be awarded $1,000, but they actually awarded $2,000 ($1,000 for each                       concert).
      5. The monthly actuals-to-budget update is attached.  This month's figures are in columns S through V.      Year-to-date, our actuals are just under $1000 favorable to budget (cell V108).  We are budgeting for              a $1,654 surplus for the year (cell AA108), as we want to raise the low for the year from last year's       mid-August $1,800 towards the preferred minimum balance of $5,000.  We are budgeting a total of                 $3,000 for our scholarships and school grants to be awarded in April this year (cells X73 and 74).    

          Last year we awarded $4,500.

  B.  Other Business

      1.  Ruth is bringing all the forms that Debra has to our next rehearsal.  He will be taking over the

           insurance and contract with the Civic Arts Plaza.

      2. Did received a $105 check from Jewelry sales.

      3. We need to check with Jerry to see if he got our concert information to the Art Scene for the

           May/June brochure.

      4. Marissa from the Civic Arts plaza will be sending the contract for the next season soon.  They are

          making some changes to the contract and then will send it to us.  The dates are

     Russ moves to accept the treasurer’s report. 2nd. Approved.



  1. Board Members' Reports

A.     President (Russ Stone)
1.  Judy Berke replacing Debra Froling

B.     Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

       1. Katy are ordered the Posters and the Postcards.  She ordered 1000 postcards and 250 flyer size             posters. We paid $261.15 this year, but last season we paid about $100 more for less quantity.

       2.  We will be starting Dedicate a Song and Ad Sales tomorrow before rehearsal.

       3.  It was discussed that maybe we should have flyers and postcards a little earlier.


C.     Concert Master (Judy Berke)- Absent

D.    Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

       1.  Music Committee is meeting Wednesday night and making good progress for the Spring


E.     Publicity (Jerry Shaw)- Absent

F.      Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

      1.  CPK fundriaser is Wednesday she will have more flyers to pass out tomorrow.

      2.  Arlene will be introducing our Shoe Fundraiser at our next rehearsal.  Arlene would like to be

           able to put our fundraiser flyers on our website.


G.    Membership (Carol Fredericks)               

      1.  New Member Information Sheet that she passed around for anyone to see.  We are going to look          at it and give our suggestions.  Carol will give it to our new members

      2.  Carol is concerned about our attendance and people showing up late.  She is thinking she will   

           send out a funny email about being there on time.

H.    Secretary (Bonnie Hicks)
  nothing new to report

  1. Old Business

      1. Production Schedule: Everything is on schedule
      2. We decided over email that we would give a discount in our dues for students.  From $55 to $30

New Business
      1. 2017 Vocal Scholarship recipients  are: Meagan Martin,  Audrey Yoder,  Maggie Valdman

                   Other students who auditioned include: Kateland Cunningham,  Yue Zhao, Annika Dybevik            Manfred Anaya, Gretchen Anderson
      2.  School grants (Arlene)- We are going to take a closer look at the applicants, and Gloria and             Arlene are going to try to find one more school to sing. 
      3.         Next board meeting place/host

Next Meeting:           April 10, 2017at Sotheby’s

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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