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Wednesday January 16, 2017

Bryan Rickard  2082 Lindengrove St. Westlake Village, CA (805) 777-9293

In Attendance: Katy Herbst de Cortina, Jerry Shaw, Russ Stone, Gloria Hilliard, Bryan Rickard, Arlene Kovalivker, Bonnie Hicks, Carol Fredericks Absent: Debra Froling   


 7:30pm Board meeting started

  1. Approval of November 2016 Minutes Bryan moved we accept the minutes. 2nd. Accepted
  2. Treasurer's Report
    A.   November Summary:
           1. The month-end current asset balance was $11,099.06, a decrease of $1,700.58 over the month. 

                 It consisted of $4,873.56 in the checking account, and $6,225.50 in the savings account.  This time     

                 last year the current asset balance was $9,363.69.
             2. The major expense this month was the $5,526 paid to the City of Thousand Oaks for the balance of             the estimated rental and services cost for our Fall concerts at the Civic Arts Plaza.
             3. The major income for the month was $4,900 for ticket sales.  That brought our total for this concert              up to $13,675, or 547 seats.  Last year we sold 481.  In addition the City has sold some Season                             tickets, and sales through the Box Office and Ticketmaster.  Total capacity for the two                                 performances is 788 seats.
             4. Ladera school has still not cashed their $150 check we sent them in April.
             5.  As the attached updated budget spreadsheet shows, our net income for the current fiscal year-

                  to-date is $2,554 favorable to budget (cell P108).  Much of that is due to our ticket sales  ($1,450              favorable to budget) and donations ($1,117 favorable to budget).  Although our program printing                 expense was $293 over budget, that was more than offset by the increased advertising revenue,                               $500 favorable to budget. 

       B.  December Summary:
            1.  The month-end current asset balance was $10,093.41, a decrease of $1,005.65 over the  month.  It                   consisted of $3,767.91 in the checking account, and $6,325.50 in the savings account.  This time                             last year the current asset balance was $7,960.93 (but then we were still owed nearly $1,500 by the                  City of T.O., not the case this year).
             2.  We received a check for $1,175.94 from the City of T.O. with respect to our Fall concerts on

            December 2 and 3.  The main income items were a $1,500 grant from the City's Alliance for the            Arts; Box Office and Ticketmaster ticket sales of $2,094.94 (113 tickets), and a refund of $595 for            overpaid estimated stagehands and front of house costs.  The main cost was $3,014 for the $6.50 fee    on 548 consignment tickets they reported we'd sold (we thought we'd sold 547).   
     3.  We received $695 in donations either left in the box or mailed in the envelopes inserted in the                programs at our concerts. 
     4.  This month we received a $300 check from the Ventura Office of County Education, specifically            from the Simi Valley Unified School District.  The reason they sent us this grant is currently not         known.  Russ is going to call and investigate why they sent the check.
     5.  We also received $250 from the Conejo Free Clinic for the special performance we did for them on            December 14.
     6.  Ladera school has still not cashed their $150 check we sent them in April.

     7.  As the attached updated budget spreadsheet shows, our net income for the current fiscal year-to-date    is $2,640 favorable to budget.  Much of that is due to our grants received a month earlier than     budgeted.

Carol moves to accept the treasurer’s report. 2nd. Accepted

  1. Board Members' Reports

A.     President (Russ Stone)     

       1.  Bryan and Russ participated in a Holiday concert in Westlake.  They had a great time and shared the             about the program.

B.     Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

       1.  Katy sent the production schedule to Russ for the Spring.  She hopes to have the posters done by the

             2nd or 3rd rehearsal.   It was suggested that it might be too early to send out, so she will get them             made but will bring them later in the semester to rehearsal.

C.     Concert Master (Debra Froling)- Absent

       1.  Bryan received a letter from our storage company about new liability coverage for the storage place,      and also another letter from our insurance company about changes that will be coming up to our       policy.  Bryan gave the letters to Russ and he will take a look at them and give them to Debra.

D.    Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

      1. The Music is all together and ready for our rehearsal tomorrow.

      2. Auditions went well.

      3.  Gloria asked about the donation cards.  Katy didn’t realize that the donation cards needed to go to

            the printer so it was too late to send them in for the Fall concert.   She just copied them and will             make sure they are sent to the printer for the next concert.

      4.  The board brings snack to the first rehearsal and Gloria suggests they be there before 7pm

E.     Publicity (Jerry Shaw)

      1.  All audition announcements went out in a timely manner.  It was in twelve publications.

      2.  Jerry asked for the publicity announcement for the concert.  Gloria will email it to him.

      3.  Jerry will send in the announcements for the Spring concerts to the publications by Mid-April

      4. Constant Contact- Emails will be sent in Mid- April and the second in May.

          Gloria suggested we collect emails from our members again since we haven’t done that in a while.

F.      Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

      1.  Planned Events- Panda Express Fundraiser is Jan 25 they are giving us 20%.  There will also be

           a woman coming to sell Stella and Dot jewelry during our rehearsal on January 31. She will give us         a percentage of what she sells on January 31.

      2.  Angel bins is another organization we can partner with.  They collect shoes and you get a certain

            amount of money for the shoes you donate.  We would need storage for the shoes because they

            won’t collect them until we have a certain amount of money.  Russ will ask Mike about how much             room we have in our storage.

      3.  Katy offered to put it on our Facebook page

G.    Membership (Carol Fredericks)   

      1.  There were quite a few scheduled to audition, but many people didn’t show up.

      2.  We have added 3 new members we have also lost a lot of members this semester. Right now we

           have 63 members.

     3.  We need Tenors and Basses

     4. It was suggested we put on the Facebook page we are looking for Tenors and Basses, and also we can

         send out a constant contact email.

H.    Secretary (Bonnie Hicks)
1.  I sent thank you notes to the non-members who purchased advertising space in our program.

  1. Old Business (no business held over from last year)

  2. New Business
    1. Review the “Ad Sales” and “Dedicate a Song” forms

             a) Russ created a new Ad Sales form- Katy suggested that we add a line that says “Submitted By”.                              Russ gave a list of duties for the Dedicate a Song Coordinator. Bonnie will be the Dedicate a Song                   Coordinator  and Katy will do Ad Sales.

      2. Review the production schedule focusing on the accuracy of the expected completion dates.

             b)  Flyers will be done by March 1 to be ready for distribution on March 7.
      3. Refreshments for First Rehearsal:  Russ Fruit, Katy- crackers and cheese, Carol- Veggies,

            Jerry- Cookies Bonnie- meats, Arlene- Lemon Cakes

4. Arlene will be sending out letters to the elementary schools about Grants.
5. Elections- Publicity, President, Music Committee Member

6. Party this Spring - We would like to have a party in late April. Russ will ask the members if anyone would like to host the party and go from there.

Next Meeting:           February 13, 2017  hostedby Gloria Hilliard

Thank you      Russ

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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