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Board of Directors
Gloria Hilliard
Christine DeKlotz

BOARD MEETING Minutes             Wednesday November 16, 2016


Jerry Shaw-4261 Peach Slope Rd. Moorpark, CA. 93021       (805) 529-6825

In Attendance:  Jerry Shaw, Russ Stone, Katy Herbst de Cortina, Gloria Hilliard, Debra Froling, Bryan Rickard, Arlene Kovalivker, Bonnie Hicks  Absent: Carol Fredericks


7:36pm Board meeting starts

            Jerry moves to approve minutes. 2nd. Approved.

  1. Approval of October 2016 Minutes

Treasurer's Report
   A.  Summary:

         1.  The month-end current asset balance was $12,799.64, an increase of $9,908.68 over the month.  It                  consisted of $11,674.24 in the checking account, and $1,125.40 in the savings account.  This time last                 year the current asset balance was $11,433.73.

          2.  This month we began selling tickets for our Fall concerts.  By month-end we had sold 351 tickets, at                  $25 each, for a total of $8,775.  This time last year we had sold 337 tickets, at $25 each, for $8,425. 

         3.  This month we received notice from the Alliance for the Arts that they will award us a $3,000                            grant this year.  Last year we received $2,000.  Along with about 10 other grant recipients, I                                attended their awards dinner last week.  The Alliance is in the process of merging with the                                       City's Community Events Endowment Fund, and a brief description of that process was given                                   at the dinner.  They will continue to give their grants separately until 2018 at the earliest.

         4.   Ladera school has still not cashed their $150 check we sent them in April.
         5.  We paid the $210 required by the City for their facility insurance, which was required 30 days                                          before our event.  The balance of our contract fee, $5,526, is required 21 days before the event and                  will be paid next week.

         6.  This month we received a donation from the Oaks Camerata, formerly the Oaks Chamber                                  Singers, another local choral organization that ceased operating a few years ago.  They donated                            their remaining funds, $742.30, to us for our Scholarship Awards.

          7.   As the attached updated budget spreadsheet shows, our net income for the current fiscal year-to-date                              is $1,478 favorable to budget (cell O108).  Most of that was due to the excellent donations we                                        received this month.  Columns L through O show the updates for October.

            Arlene moves that we accept the treasurer’s report. 2nd. Approved.

  1. Board Members' Reports

A.     President (Russ Stone)

Nothing new to report.

B.     Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

        1. Program went to the printers today. She is picking them up Wednesday the 23rd.  She plans to               have the donations cards stuffed the following Tuesday before rehearsal.

        2.  The price for the program was a little more than she was quoted.  The total was $901.16.

        3.  We had some issues with Dedicate a Song and Ads.  Katy is thinking of having a table before                 rehearsal, like we sell tickets, so she can talk to people and make sure that everything looks like               it should. Bonnie will help with that.

        4.   We had the concert announced on the digital marquee and Electronic Poster at the Civic Arts                Plaza.

        5.  Katy also asked if we should have an announcement on Facebook about Auditions in December


C.  Concert Master (Debra Froling)

      1.  We paid our insurance, which was a little more as stated in the treasurer’s report.  It covers        everything and doesn’t affect our other insurance.

      2.   Debra began getting volunteers to help get the shell and risers. 

      3.   Debra has started collecting flower orders, and Maria is helping with flowers.

C.     Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

      1.  Gloria found some instruments that we can use for Betelehemu.  Josh Steck met with Gloria and will be playing

      2.  Gloria made a new seating chart, since people have dropped out and we have spots that need to be             filled.

      3.  Gloria finished the narration today.

D.    Publicity (Jerry Shaw)

       1. Auditions will begin on January 4 for the Spring semester and announcements will go out in the    next couple days.

       2.  Publicity must have worked because we are sold out.

       3.  After 6 weeks Jerry met with the Media Consultant for the Ventura County Star.  He said we    could run a one-time ad in the Time Out Section, which suggests things for people to do that            weekend. It would be a quarter to a half page but it is $300- $500. The ad would be running three times in 1week in Early or Mid-May.  The cost is $1500-$3000 and that is with a 20% discount.  They           would do all the graphics for us as well. The consultant suggested that we target Leisure Village         in Camarillo.

E.     Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

      1.  Arlene has a couple ideas she would like to talk to the board about.

      2. Arlene is going to start working on a Silent Auction.  At our January meeting she would like to set   

           a date.

F.      Membership (Carol Fredericks) absent no report


G.    Secretary (Bonnie Hicks)
Nothing new to report

  1. Old Business (no business held over from last year)
    1. The only thing that hasn’t been done is the donation program stuffing which we discussed.

      2. It was asked if we know how many subscription tickets we sold. Gloria said we sold 16; Russ will                     acknowledge and thank our Subscription ticket holders are the concert to hopefully get more people                            to subscribe next year.


  1. New Business


Next Meeting:           January 9, 2017hostedby Bryan Richard

Thank you, Russ

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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