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Gloria Hilliard
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Monday, October 10, 2016


Carol Fredericks

2685 Thunderbird Dr.  Thousand Oaks, CA.  91362

In Attendance: Carol Fredericks, Russ Stone, Katy Herbst de Cortina, Bonnie Hicks, Gloria Hilliard, Debra Froling Absent: Jerry Shaw, Bryan Rickard, Arlene Kovalivker

7:30pm Board meeting starts


  1. Approval of September 2016 Minutes
     Carol moves we accept the September Minutes. 2nd Approved.
  2. Treasurer's Report
    1.  The month-end asset balance was $2,890.96, a decrease of $2,817.50 over the month.  It          

            consisted of $1,856.86 in the checking account, $1,025.37 in the savings account, and $8.73 in

            un-deposited funds.  This time last year the current asset balance was $4, 501.01.

      2.  This month, our accountant, Janice Wilson, completed the documents to be submitted to the

           State and Federal tax authorities and the California Attorney General to maintain our non-

           profit status.  We submitted the documents and paid Janice her $400 fee, which has remained

           unchanged since she began this service seven years ago.  We paid the $25 fee the Attorney

           General’s office requires from non-profit organizations with gross income between $25,000

           and $1000,000.

      3.  This month, we paid $352.22 for printing postcards and flyers for our Fall concert, and

            received $58.75 for practice CDs.

      4.  Ladera school has still not cashed their $150 check we sent them in April

      5.  Fran Vigne has verified that our end-June bank statement matches the current asset balances

           reported in the fiscal year-end Treasurer’s report.  Our By-Laws require this verification to be

           performed annually, by a non-board member.

      6.  Attached is the updated budget spreadsheet for the fiscal year 2016-17. Column K compares

           the YTD actual with the budget.  As shown in cell K108 the total YTD actual are only $43

           different from budget.  However there are some wide variations in some of the individual

           lines, e.g.  the Music Library costs are $690 favorable to budget, but Membership Dues

           income is $330 unfavorable, and Donations Received are $351 unfavorable to budget.

      7.  We have not yet paid the $300 TOCAP insurance charge, which was budgeted to be paid in

           September.  We will need to pay it by November 10 unless we find an insurance expert who

           could advise us otherwise.

Katy moves to approve the treasurer’s report. 2nd. Approved.

  1. Board Members' Reports

A.     President (Russ Stone)

     1.  Russ researched our website costs. There are three costs- Hosting, Domain Name, and  

          Domain Privacy.  We paid originally paid $394.20 for 3 years hosting

          (renewal date Jan-19).     After talking to our provider Russ received a better deal so we paid      $250.00 for 2 years of Hosting .  We have a $70 credit.  For our Domain name we paid       $19.99 for 1 yr. (renewal Jan-17).  We have also paid 29.99 for Domain privacy for 3        years (renewal Jan-19)

    2. Katy sent an ad to Jerry so that he can put it in The Happenings, with a group picture and the

        information from the Postcard.

    3. Katy needs to start sending things to Civic Arts plaza for the digital marquee.

B.     Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)
1.  Katy researched her original outline. Her goal was to have the program to the printers by


      2.  This was based on the timeline she received from Jennifer.  She wanted the both the

           Presidents message and the roster by October 12.    Katy would like Gloria’s statement

           and program line up by October 18.  Katy will send out pages to proof read as soon as


C.     Concert Master (Debra Froling)

     1.  There are still some questions about our insurance, even after Doug  looked at

           the contract.  If we get our additional insurance from the PAC it will be $300.  Debra will   

           talk one more time to Wheatland to make sure the rider doesn’t interfere with our


Carol moves that barring any unforeseen circumstances that we purchase the 1 million rider from the PAC for $300. 2nd. Approved.

      2.   She will start to look into how to move the Shell and 1 riser.    John Thompson offered to move the shell in the past and should be contacted about aiding again.


D.    Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

     1.  Gloria started working on instrumentalists, small group and solos.  She is feeling better    

          about the concerts and on things that need to be done.

     2.  She suggests we remind people that the Tech Rehearsal is on Thursday this semester.

E.     Publicity (Jerry Shaw)

 No report given from Jerry.

     1. Gloria looked at Beyond the Acorn and we were listed. 

F.      Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

Gloria gave Arlene’s report.

     1. There will be a restaurant fundraiser on October 19 at BJs in Westlake Village.    

     2.  We get a few people every week signing up and using the Benefit Mobile App.

G.    Membership (Carol Fredericks)
1.  We have 66 members, maybe 65

      2.  Carol suggested that we start auditions two weeks before the first rehearsal the next        semester.  We can have our first rehearsal on January 17. Carol already has had 11 people              call to audition for the next semester.

H.    Secretary (Bonnie Hicks)

Nothing new to report

  1. Old Business (no business held over from last year)

A.     Review Production Schedule- See Katy’s report

  1. New Business
    No new business


  1. Next Meeting:           Wednesday, November 16, 2017 hosted by Jerry Shaw.  Carol will not be in attendance.


Thank you      Russ

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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