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Monday, September 12, 2016


Bonnie Hicks

Christ the King Lutheran Church

3947 W. Kimber Dr.  Newbury Park, CA.  91320

In Attendance:  Bryan Rickard, Russ Stone, Gloria Hilliard, Bonnie Hicks, Katie Herbst de Cortina, Arene Kovalivker, Carol Fredericks, Debra Froling, Jerry Shaw   7:30pm Board meeting starts


    I.  Approval of August 2016 Minutes   

                        Jerry moves to accept the corrected minutes. 2nd Approved.

II.   Treasurer's Report (July, 2016 and August, 2016)
         A. July Summary:

              1. The month-end current asset balance was $3,031.84, a decrease of $4,809.76 over the month. It                      consisted of $2,186.49 in the checking account, $825.35 in the savings account, and $20 in                         undeposited funds. This time last year the current asset balance was $8,413.20.

2. The main expenditure for the month was the $3,175 deposit to the City of Thousand Oaks for the                      Scherr Forum rental and services for the 2016-17 season. This was nearly twice the amount we

     usually pay in the fall, because our contract now covers both this Fall and the Spring 2017   


3. This month the City refunded $60.50 which they had overcharged us on their bill for the Spring              Concert rental and services.

4. The other major cost incurred this month was $597.40 for the music library. $450 of this was a              50% deposit for the music from Chandler Music Inc. They give us a 2% discount for paying this                  in advance. Their total charge, expected to be about $900, will be less than in recent previous          years ($1,605 in 2015, $1,291 in 2014, and $1,886 in 2013). Since we budgeted a 3% increase               over last year, we expect this item to finish the year favorable to budget.

5. Our minimum balance for the year usually occurs in August, just before the Fall dues are                        collected. This year it will be about $1,500. We budget for $5,000. Much of the shortfall this year                 was due to paying the City for the Season.

6. Attached is the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2016-17. This will require to be approved by          the Board at the next meeting (or revised if the Board so requires). Note that this budget shows                we will only distribute $3,000 in grants and scholarships this year, compared to $4,500 last year.                  The budget shows a profit of about $1,650 for the year, which should bring our minimum balance            in August 2017 closer towards the desired $5,000. We should review this at the next Board                    Meeting.

Russ moves that we accept the July Treasurer’s  report with corrects approved. 2nd. Approved.


         B. August Summary: 

             1.  The month-end current asset balance was $5,708.46, an increase of $2,676.62 over the month.  It                     consisted of $4,264.83 in the checking account, $925.37 in the savings account, and $518.26 in                   un-deposited funds.  This time last year the current asset balance was $8,413.20.

             2.  The main income for the month was $3,575 in membership dues, from 65 members.

                3.  We also received a $300 donation from Kay Rolland, to be used for school grants and                          scholarships.


               4.  We also received $23.26, our first contribution from Benefit, the 'app' that gives us a percentage of                   the amount spent at participating retailers, by people who have signed up and specified Village          Voices as their Beneficiary.

               5.  Ladera school has still not cashed their $150 check we sent them in April.

               6.  This month I completed and submitted the DataArts survey for Fiscal Year 2015, which the City of                   Thousand Oaks had required us to submit to give details of our contribution to the local Arts              environment.  See for more details.

               7.  This month I completed and submitted our application for a grant from the Alliance for the Arts.

               8.  This month we were advised by the City of Thousand Oaks that they have awarded us a $1,000   

                    grant from their Community Events Endowment Fund (CEEF).  We signed and returned the                  contract stating our responsibilities (including performing our Fall and Spring concerts, and                purchasing their required insurance coverage).

               9.  Attached is the budget for the fiscal year 2016-17, as approved by the Board at the last meeting.         Column H shows the actual for August, the major difference from budget being membership dues,                 $440 favorable to budget, probably because we had two weeks of rehearsals in August compared                   with the usual one (so next month the dues will be less than budgeted). 

              Carol moves that we approve the August Treasurer’s report. 2nd. Approved.

III.  Board Members' Reports

  1. President (Russ Stone)- nothing new to report.           
  2. Graphics/Programs (Katy Herbst de Cortina)

      1.  We did a Facebook ad in August for our Auditions. Katie paid $5 for 5 days (August 9-13).                 We had 251 impressions, which means that 251 people viewed it in their Facebook feed.         The minimum you can pay for a Facebook ad is $1. If we want to spend more money we can            but Katie suggests that if we want to do that we should create a nicer ad.

      2.  Katie is trying to have a regular cadence on Facebook. Posting on Tuesday and Thursday.

      3.  We have Posters and postcards.  She brought some for the board and will bring them to             rehearsal tomorrow.

  1. Concert Master (Debra Froling)

      1.  Insurance questions- Debra has been working with our insurance providers to make sure we                  have the insurance that is required of us by the PAC.  It was suggested we talk with someone               who is good with insurance contracts to take a look at what we have.  She will ask the                        members if they and anyone they know can help. 

  1. Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

      1. Gloria feels like we made a good start on our concert,

      2.  We have a lot of tools on the website that if people utilize everyone should be prepared.

      3. Gloria has called Bob Crocker about the choir singing at the Peirce Brother’s Memorial             Service

      4.  Gloria got an email from Joann Chang. Senior concerns is having an auction and they asked      if we would want to auction off a private performance.  She is going to get more information              about it.

      5.  Gloria isn’t sure that we have sent an email about Subscription Tickets through constant              contact.  Gloria really wants to encourage our members to sign up for subscription tickets            and maybe have a gift for subscribers.  Maybe our concert CD that we mail to them.

      6.  We have not received a bill from Chandler, but we should get it any day.

  1. Publicity (Jerry Shaw)

      1.  Jerry and a discussion from Leslie Bennet of Happenings Magazine.  He found out our ads          go to TO, NP, Agoura, WLV and Oak Park.  Jerry found out that a black and white ad costs            $181 or $281 for Color.  The ad is ¼ page with dimensions of 3 3/8” wide x 4 3/8” high.                   Jennifer donated the ad for each concert, but will no longer be doing that.  It was suggested                   that we need more publicity for the Spring Concert, so maybe we should only put it in for          the Spring Concert.  Russ has graciously offered to donate a color ad for the Fall Concert

      2.   Jerry also called the Ventura County Star and talked to Waylen Barns. Mr. Barns would           like to talk to Jerry about setting up a marketing strategy.  He is going to meet up with              him on Tuesday, but will not make any final decisions.

  1. Ways and Means (Arlene Kovalivker)

      1.  Arlene is not sure why people aren’t using the Benefit App.  We discussed the reasons why      some people are leery of it, but to keep talking about it.  It was also suggested that Arlene be             available 30 minutes before rehearsal to help people set it up.

      2.  Arlene contacted BJs and fundraisers are all done online so she is working on setting up a          restaurant fundraiser Mid- October.

      3. Some people think that Sea Casa is giving 40% for their fundraiser and that she should                            contact them.

  1. Membership (Carol Fredericks)

      1.  Carol is really excited about our new members. We have 68 members, with a couple we           aren’t sure about because they haven’t shown up to rehearsal yet.   She will contact those      members to check to see if they still want to sing. 2 have dropped.

  1. Secretary (Bonnie Hicks) no new business


IV.  Old Business (no business held over from last year)

  1. Committee Chair Needs:           Wardrobe, Ad Sales- Katie has offered to make a pitch for ads because they would be working with her.

  2. Fall Production Schedule- There were some questions about when the programs need to go the printers. Katie is going to look into the schedule and back to the board.

V.  New Business
1.  Arlene has offered the conference room at her real Estate business.  Debra has asked if we can have                  our April meeting there.

      2.  Bryan and Jerry will not be at the next board meeting.


VI. Next Meeting:  Monday, October 10, 2017 hosted by Carol Fredericks


Thank you      Russ

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Published 03-Apr-2018

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