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November 12, 2014

Home of Jennifer Duke

1420 La Jolla Dr.

Thousand Oaks, CA,




I. In Attendance: George, Bryan, Jennifer, Linda, Gloria, Ron, Josh, Doug

Absent: Steve


II. Approval of Minutes

·        Minutes were approved pending the following corrections

o   Item 4 under the Choral Director changing the spelling from “WAX” to “WACHS”.

o   Under new business, Delete item A ii,3 “we get $500 for this”


III. Treasurer's Report (Bryan Rickard)

·        There was a discussion on ticket sales currently at 550 for the December concert

·        Reviewed the grants that will be received and the timing which has been changed to after the spring concert – this will delay some of our cash until after the grants to the schools has been completed.

·        There was a discussion about developing a corporate community funds program. Volunteers will be sought to help develop the program

·        Bryan reviewed a monthly budget that is in development. It will help better manage the funds once it is complete


IV. Board Members' Reports

A.     President (Ron Kula)

a.       Commented on the need for him to get into “Presidential” mode

B.     Concert Master (George Peckham)

a.       Discussion on raising the prices of flowers to $10 for the next concert to create a source of funds

b.      George to schedule the preconcert meeting with Jonathan around the first week of December

C.     Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

a.       Suggested that there be a group get well card for Don Chapman

b.      Discussion about having a Choral neighborhood sing for Don after the concert is complete. Jennifer agreed to coordinate the event

c.       Instrumental parts are not complete but will be ready on time

d.      Discussion on the dress attire for the Reagan Library

                                                                   i.      Men – Black Pants, White Shirt, Red tie (Bow or long), Black Vests

                                                                 ii.      Women – Black pants, red, green or white blouse


D.    Publicity (Linda Archie)

a.       Final publicity release to ready the week of Nov 15 for release no later than Dec 1st

b.      The Village Voices Facebook page is in need of updating. Doug needs photos and ideas to update.  

c.       Josh to meet with Doug to determine how we can use Facebook as a tool


E.     Graphics/Programs (Jennifer Duke)

a.       Final proofing for the program was completed and the programs are off to the printer 

b.      Envelope stuffing with the charitable gifts will be done Tuesday, the 16th at 6:45 pm


F.      Ways and Means (Doug Askegard)

a.       A fund raiser was held at  California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) on Nov 5 & 6 – no report on proceeds yet

b.      A fund raiser is scheduled at Marmalade Café on Dec 3 & 4, 2014. Doug will hand out the forms at practice

c.       A review of Logo wearable & gifts will be started in January. Fran V. has offered to assist Doug


G.    Membership (Josh Steck)

a.       Josh is trying to get a handle on who will not make one or more of the December performances

b.      Preliminarily, auditions for the spring semester will be set for January 11, 2015

c.       Publicity for the auditions will be coordinated with Linda for distribution by the end of December


H.    Secretary (Steve Schultheis)

a.       Absent



V. New Business

·        Production schedule is on track with just a few open items

·        There was a discussion about giving tickets to nonprofits for their fund raisers and to treat it as a marketing expense. Further discussions will be held in January


VI. Old Business

·        E-scripts – Jennifer is still working on perfecting the use of e-scripts a source of funds. She is vowing to make it a simple process for the members to enroll.

·        Constant contact – we are paid up through Oct 21, 2015



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Published 03-Apr-2018

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