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Board of Directors
Gloria Hilliard
Christine DeKlotz


September 8, 2014

7:30 PM

Gloria’s house

Agoura Hills, CA


In Attendance: Doug Askegard, Jennifer Duke, Gloria Hilliard, Ron Kula, Pat Johnson, , Bryan Rickard, Stephen Schultheis, Josh Steck,



Absent: Linda Archie, George Peckham



7:30 Presentation by Pat Johnson about the Arts Council


Pat discussed ways in which the Village Voices can reach out to the community and can be more visible in the community. For example, a gallery at the Newbury Park library is available. Ron mentioned that our goal is to have a full house at every concert—a goal that we have very nearly been reaching over the past few semesters. We discussed the role of the group in the community in historical perspective: the Thousand Oaks Arts Council began in 1959 and the Village Voices came into existence in 1969. The Arts Council has an email list of 900 people to whom we can send information about our chorale and concerts.


The Arts Council is planning a Press Day: a Meet-the-Press day. Pat passed out the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley brochure, which we all perused.



7:45 Board Meeting Starts


  1. Approval of Minutes


We voted to approve the minutes pending one final change.


  1. Treasurer's Report (Bryan Rickard)


1.      We noted that we have 75 singers this semester and have received dues from each member.

2.      Doug will check with Marmalade Café on the amount that we garnered from that fundraiser.

3.      Ron moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report; approved by all.





  1. Board Members' Reports


  1. President (Ron Kula)


1. Ron and several members of the Village Voices will be marching in the parade for the 50th anniversary of the city of Thousand Oaks.

2. We discussed the possibility of the men from the Village Voices walking in VV attire. We also are planning to pass out flyers for our concert at the parade

3. Ron passed out the Village Voices 2014 Winter Production Concert Production Schedule—Holiday Festivo.

4. Russ Stone is handling the website still; Richard Baughman is going to be assisting with the webpage.

5. We are going to be sending flyers and postcards to the printers this month.

6. We sent out a publicity release to Conejo 365, which is a new online calendar

7. We held elections for the Music Committee. Michelle Van Kempen and Stephanie Harris were elected to the Music Committee.

8. Ron showed us a big roll-out banner that we can use for the parade



  1. Graphics/Programs (Jennifer Duke)


1. We are going to be making another attempt at E-Script.

2. The E-Script program will help raise money for the group and for kids.

3. Jennifer showed the members of the Board the Holiday Festivo graphic.

4. Jennifer will be making 1000 of the small postcards



  1. Concert Master (George Peckham




  1. Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)


            1. We are going to be doing auditions for soloists sooner than in the past

            2. There is a flute and other instrumental solos.

3. There is a memorial service on September 29 for the husband of

            Theresa Sealey. The text is very appropriate

4. The entry of new members into the group brings new energy and  vitality into the group; it’s great when new members join.

5. We feel that we are in a good position in regard to the holiday concert.



  1. Publicity (Linda Archie)





  1. Ways and Means (Doug Askegard)’


1. Plans are being formulated with regard to meeting with Lynn.



  1. Membership (Josh Steck)


1. We have 7 new singers this season.

                        2. We had some old members return.

                        3. We are excited about the fact that we have new members.

                        4. One new member found us from a web search.



  1. Secretary (Steve Schultheis)


1. I will be sending a sympathy card to Theresa Sealey

2. I will be sending thank-you cards to all donors.


  1. New Business


  1. Thousand Oaks Parade September 27


 1.  We definitely want to have members from group participate in the parade commemorating the 50th anniversary of the city of Thousand Oaks.

2. There are several members from the group who would definitely be willing to participate in the parade and publicize the group at the parade.





  1. TOCAP Performance October 25 for 20th anniversary


1. We took a vote to decide whether or not to participate in the 20th anniversary concert for the Civic Arts Plaza.

2. We are confirmed for the Reagan Library on December 8: this is a private party for the docents of the library.

3. We are going to be singing at the Pierce Brothers Service of Remembrance for which we typically get paid $250.



  1. Review of upcoming concert “Holiday Festivo”


                                                               i.      Production schedule updates


Ron passed out the production schedule updates.


  1. Constant Contact status


We are continuing with this.


  1. Other


  1. Meeting schedules and locations



  1. Summary/Closing





These minutes were prepared and submitted by Steve Schultheis, Village Voices Chorale Secretary.




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Published 03-Apr-2018

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