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Aug 11, 2014

Home of Ron Kula

15595 Mallory Court, Moorpark, 93021, 805.990.2926

7:00 PM



In Attendance: Linda Archie, Jennifer Duke,  Gloria Hilliard, Ron Kula, George Peckham, Bryan Rickard, Steve Schultheis, Lynne Shaw, Josh Steck


Note: Lynn Shaw was present, but left early.


Absent: Doug Askegard,




7:00 PM Appetizers



7:30 PM Potluck Dinner



8:30 Board meeting start


We started the meeting at 8:25 pm[rk1] .


  1. Approval of Minutes


We voted to approve the minutes at 8:25 pm.


  1. Treasurer's Report (Bryan Rickard)


Bryan passed out the mail which he had gotten from the mailbox. We received several thank-you letters from the schools to which we had made donations. He also passed out correspondence that we had received regarding our grants from various organizations, such as the Alliance for the Arts


Bryan passed out correspondence that we received regarding the taping of our concerts.


We also discussed the Treasurer’s Report and the budget. The July report is typically the shortest Treasurer’s Report. We at this point have more funds in our account than we planned to have. We are currently at approximately $7000, as opposed to the planned $5000.


  1. Board Members' Reports


  1. President (Ron Kula)


1. Ron passed out copies of the Winter Concert Production schedule.

2. Everything is running smoothly, but we need to have elections for the Music Committee when rehearsals start up again.

3. The board decided to send a framed copy of the Music with a Splash program to the schools to which we have donated.


  1. Concert Master (George Peckham)


No Report


  1. Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)


1. We have two tenors that won’t be singing, but two will be coming back.

2. We have several new additions to the group in the soprano and alto sections.

3. We have someone from the Los Robles children’s choir who is now going to be singing in the group this semester. [rk2] 



  1. Publicity (Linda Archie)


1. Linda is going to be continuing with the restaurant fundraisers. [rk3] 

Publicity for the auditions went out to the various outlets[rk4] 

  1. Graphics/Programs (Jennifer Duke)


1. We need a synchronized effort on the ad sales and the Dedicate-A-Song to manage the deadlines

2. We discussed the two different possible covers for the program for the winter/holiday concert. We took a vote and decided on the light option with the wreath as opposed to the darker option.

3. For the spring concert, the Kaleidoscope of Music, we had three options and decided on the option with a “kaleidoscope” of treble clefs on top.

4. Ad sales will begin on October 14.


  1. Ways and Means (Doug Askegard)





  1. Membership (Josh Steck)


1. Josh discussed the possibility of some current members of the Los Robles Children’s Chorale joining the Village Voices.



  1. Secretary (Steve Schultheis)


1. I will be sending thank-you note to all donors listed in the August and July Treasurer’s Reports.


  1. New Business


  1. Meeting schedules and locations


George will be having the next meeting at the clubhouse in his housing complex. [rk5] 

The next Meeting will be at Gloria’s house on Sept 8


  1. Organizational reminders


                                                               i.      Non Profit Status


a. We re-affirmed to our commit to being a non-profit organization.

b. We also re-affirmed our commitment to giving financial awards to elementary school music programs and scholarships to college vocal majors.


                                                             ii.      Professionalism in all that we do


a. We feel that it is important to conduct ourselves professionally at all times.

b. We need to be professional with the staff at the Civic Arts Plaza. When we perform at the Reagan Library this winter, we need to have very professional conduct.

c. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner strengthens the reputation of the group in the community.


                                                          iii.      Have Fun!


a. We also affirmed our commitment to the fact that music-making is a fun and enjoyable activity—it brings joy into the lives of the audience members who hear us and the members of the group. Music has been shown to improve health and wellness.


  1. Review of upcoming concert “Holiday Festivo”


  1. Program


1. We decided on the lighter option for the program with the wreath, as opposed to the darker option.


  1. Ticket sales



                                                               i.      Start date


a. The ticket sales will start at the same point in October/November as in previous years.


                                                             ii.      Prices


a. Prices will continue at their current level.


  1. Advertisements


                                                               i.      Start dates


a. October 14 is the date ad sales will start.


                                                             ii.      Prices


a. The prices will continue as in previous semesters.


  1. Constant Contact


                                                               i.      We are going to be continuing with Constant Contact, in order to recruit audience members, so that we can continue to sing to full houses.


  1. Snacks for first two weeks


  1. Week 1 – George, Jennifer, Linda, Ron



  1. Week 2 – Josh, Steve, Bryan, Doug



  1. Other          


1. Our first rehearsal is on August 26th.



  1. VIII. Summary/Closing



These minutes were prepared and submitted by Steve Schultheis, Village Voices Chorale Secretary.






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Published 03-Apr-2018

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