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October 12, 2013

Home of Jennifer Duke


In Attendance: Jennifer Duke, Ron Kula, George Peckham, Bryan Rickard, Lynne Shaw

Absent: Linda Archie, Doug Askegard

I. Call to Order

We called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm.

II. Approval of Minutes

We will approve the August minutes via email pending a few more revisions.

III. Treasurer's Report (Bryan Rickard)

· Budget review

1.      We have received a certain amount in ticket sales. We have sold 69 tickets at this point.

2.      We received $200 from someone that purchased a full-page ad.

3.      We are going to be over-budget on grants. We are going to receive $5575 as opposed to $4500.

· Concert cost estimates

1.      We are going to have to pay the $4 surcharge whether we or the box office sell the tickets.

2.      Last winter, we were nearly sold out; so we are going to aim for nearly a full house for next concert.

3.      There is no question that the winter concert is more attended than the spring concert.

We then moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

IV. Board Members' Reports

A.President (Ron Kula)

a. Status of action items (see chart attached)

-The winter production schedule is on track.

-No changes to grants and scholarships.

-We do not have children’s choirs at the holiday concert.

-Member webpage information needs to be changed.

-We are not going to be doing the quarter page-sized ad.

-We will be reviewing the pricing of the ads in January.

-We have two weeks before the press releases go out.

B.Concert Master (George Peckham)

a. Update on TOCAP Contract status

-We have received the contract and it has been signed by George and given to Barry at the office. We are now waiting for it to come back so that we have copies of it.

-We still have yet to order the flowers for the concert, but that will be arranged soon.


C. Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)

1. We have hired a brass quartet. We definitely need strong players for the Pinkham.

2. We also have contacted a percussionist who may possibly play.

3. Larry will be narrating the next concert.

4. The scholarship winner Kaila Bayley is available only on Saturday. She will be singing for us then. Another soloist will be singing as well on Friday.

5. Auditions for the small group will be occurring next week.

6. We will be sending out parts to the instrumentalists in the mail.

D. Publicity (Linda Archie)

Newspaper article

E. Graphics/Programs (Jennifer Duke)

1. The Civic Arts Plaza has graphics for the front marquee.

2. The program is well under way; it is half-way finished.

3. We want to make sure that members of the community are receiving the flyers that we print, since we do a good job with them.

4. We are going to continue exploring the option of taking the flyers to businesses and music stores to publicize our concert.

5. We agree that we create very nice advertisements—so we need to make sure that they are getting seen.

G. Ways and Means (Lynn Shaw)

1. We are going to be doing a fundraiser at Dish. This will be a lunch or dinner.


H. Membership (Doug Askegard)

No report

I. Secretary (Steve Schultheis)

  1.  I will be sending out new thank you notes to donors for the months of September and October.
  2. If there are any additional notes of correspondence or condolence, I am happy to send such correspondence as needed; I believe that Joanne Chang and Vita were very happy to receive the cards of condolence that I sent them.

V. New Business

A. Possible “Choir for hire” opportunity

            1. Ron’s financial advisor has a possible venue for us to perform at UBS.

2.  There are definitely people there would be able to aid our group

            3. We could bring the keyboard to the venue.

            4. A lot of people in the community still do not know the name the Village Voices.


VI. Old Business

A.    E-scripts

1.     We have had to change our credit cards twice in a year sometimes.

2.     We are not going to be doing an E-Scripts program


VII. Summary/Closing

We adjourned the meeting at 9:20 pm.

Our next meeting is at Doug’s house on November 11.


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Published 03-Apr-2018

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