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Gloria Hilliard
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August 26, 2013

Home of Ron Kula

15595 Mallory Ct, Moorpark,




In Attendance: Doug Askegard, Jennifer Duke, Gloria Hilliard, Ron Kula, George Peckham, Bryan Rickard, Lynne Shaw


I. Call to Order


We called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.


II. Approval of Minutes


We approved the minutes with a few minor corrections


III. Treasurer's Report (Bryan Rickard)


  1. Traditionally, we are shortest on funds in August.
  2. We have received two new donations over the summer.
  3. Scores—We are no longer getting a 50 % discount on some music.  All music was obtained at a 30% discount from Chandler Music.
  4. We were told by the CAP that the $4 surcharge would apply to tickets turned in at the gate, not total tickets sold.
  5. We moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report; the motion was approved.
  6. The following is Bryan’s Report:


1.         This is the final August report, updated from the interim report presented at the August 26 Board Meeting.


2.         The month-end current asset balance was $8,986.30, a decrease of $80.71 over the month.  It consisted of $4,166.94 in the checking account, and $4,819.36 in the savings account.  This time last year the current asset balance was $8,531.39.


3.         Our lowest balance this month, which is typically the lowest balance for the fiscal year, was $6,401.10.  Last year our lowest balance was $6,486.97.  Both years’ numbers were higher than the budgeted $5,000 because the Theater Rental deposit for our Fall concerts had not yet been paid, due to the late arrival of the contracts.


4.         We received $2,585 in dues (47 members at $55 each) at our first rehearsal. 


5.         This month, we received donations of $200 from Amgen Corporation, matching an earlier donation from Marcia and Andre Daniels, and $150 from our concert instrumentalist Mike Ambrose, waiving his performance fee.


6.         This month, we paid $1,924.03 for sheet music for our library. 


7.         The attached updated budget was distributed and approved at the August 26 board meeting.  The major unknown at this time is the amount of the T.O. City Grant income, budgeted for $4,500, which is what we received last year.  The City plans to review the grants at their September 24 Council Meeting.  Depending on the outcome we may need to adjust the budgeted expenditure for our grants and scholarships awards, currently shown as $10,000.  We do not need to do that until about January 2014.


8.         I met two weeks ago with Melodie Russell of the City’s Cultural Affairs Department.  She advised that the contract for our Fall concerts should be sent to us the following week (but it had not been received by month-end).  She also advised that the Theatre Rental Grants (TRG) program that was announced last year as a means of mitigating the rental cost increases to local non-profits like us is on hold, until the City gets its finances in order.


9.         Our accountant, Janice Wilson, has prepared the annual tax returns, which are to be filed on or before November 15.  She has billed us her usual $400 fee.




IV. Board Members' Reports

A.    President (Ron Kula)


1.      The president made it known that he feels it is good to have a list of dates for upcoming events. A calendar of dates was shared with the board and will be updated with each meeting.



B.     Concert Master (George Peckham)


1.      George did not have a report.


C.    Choral Director (Gloria Hilliard)


1.      Gloria has given the music to Francis to put in folders.

2.      The sheet music will be ready tomorrow night.

3.      We are in need of someone to do wardrobe for this concert.

4.      Our librarian Frances Saenz is willing to organize and distribute music, but she wants someone else to be in charge of returning the music to the library storage unit.


D.    Publicity (Linda Archie)


1.      We are going to be going through the schedule and the timing of our publicity.

2.      We are going to be sending out  publicity to the area of Leisure Village in Camarillo.

3.      We are exploring new avenues for publicity.

4.      We are continuing with Happenings magazine.

5.      We have to make sure that the Acorn publicizes us in the different versions, such as the one that goes to Oak Park/Agoura, Thousand Oaks, etc.  


E.     Graphics/Programs (Jennifer Duke)          


1.       E-Scripts will be explored for possible use. There may be limitations which need to be researched. 

2.       You just have to register your credit card in order to use e-scripts.



        G.  Ways and Means (Lynn Shaw)


1.      We are going to be having a restaurant fundraiser at BJ’s.

2.      Bellini Osteria is a restaurant that will be explored as a possible venue for a fundraiser.

3.      CPK is another possible venue.




        H.  Membership (Doug Askegard)


1.      We have had some new prospective members audition.

2.      We are having prospective members fill out an audition form.

3.      We have a total of 65 members in the group for this semester.

4.      We  are in need of basses


I.                   Secretary (Steve Schultheis)


1.      I have gotten up-to-date with all the donation thank-you notes from over the summer.



V. New Business

            A. Meeting location schedule balance of the year























            B. Presidents calendar


                        - Concert dates: 


                                    Winter Concert: December 13 and 14, 2013



                        - Publicity dates            


                                    First draft—10/14/2013


                        - Other


VI. Old Business



1.      We are going to be continuing with MANNA.

2.      This is an excellent way to give back to the community.

3.      It is important that the Village Voices has programs like this that give back to the community



         B  Facebook 

            1. We have a Facebook page.

1.      We feel that the Facebook page needs to be updated.

2.      Having a website as well as a Facebook page promotes the activities of the group; it is important that the Facebook page be continued.







        C. Constant Contact



1.      Doug Askegard has agreed to manage Constant Contact for the 2013 – 2014 season



       D. Snack schedule first two weeks of the season


            Week 1 – George, Steve, and Bryan



            Week 2 – Ron, Linda, Doug, Jennifer


VII. Other


A.    We are going to be introducing the Board at the rehearsal.

B.     We are going to be considering some new possibilities for the costumes/attire for our concerts.



VIII. Summary / Closing


Our next meeting will be at Jennifer Duke’s on Monday, October 14, 2013


These minutes were prepared and submitted by Stephen Schultheis, Secretary of the Village Voices Chorale


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Published 03-Apr-2018

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